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Delivering a New Breed of Professional Drivers

Great drivers are the lifeblood of your operation. But they aren't just drivers, they are also brand ambassadors. With the skyrocketing costs of liability insurance, workers compensation, health insurance, and employee benefits, the importance of producing the highest qualified and safety-conscious drivers possible is vital to your success.

FleetForce’s Custom Corporate Training Programs are designed to do just that. We will ensure that your drivers are self-starters who think through and approach the challenges of their job just as effectively and efficiently as you would.

Recruitment, Training, and Delivery

Our recruitment partners will assess potential candidates to find self-motivated drivers who will add value for years to come.

Professionally Trained and Vetted.

Our programs are designed to improve the size and overall quality of your driving fleet, helping to increase operations, productivity, and profits.

Will Stay on the Job for the Long-Haul.

Our programs are proven solutions to retaining drivers and lowering your turnover rate - reducing costs while increasing employee engagement.

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FleetForce is licensed by the Florida Department of Education and the Independent Education Committee to provide truck training in Florida. We are also certified by the Florida High Safety and Motor Vehicles Department for third-party testing.

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We provide training in the following areas for companies seeking customized instruction:

  • Industry & Fleet Training
  • Industry & Fleet Testing
  • Safety & Accident Prevention Seminars
  • D.O.T. Audit Preparation
  • Passenger Endorsement & Bus Training
  • Load Securement
  • Hazmat
  • Pre-Trip & Vehicle Inspections
  • Backing & Parking
  • What to Do in Case of an Accident
  • Log Books
  • Hours of Service/ELD
  • Economy Driving Techniques
  • Speed & Space Management
  • Winter & Summer Driving
  • Shifting (Any Type of Transmission)
  • Map Reading & Trip Planning
  • Skid Control & Recovery
  • Basic Control
  • Flatbed Cargo Security
  • Hazard Perception
  • FMCSR Orientation
  • Extreme Driving Conditions
  • Defensive Driving
  • CDL & Endorsements Course
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Train the Trainer Workshop
  • Hazardous Materials
  • State & Federal Regulations
  • Safety & Programs
  • Vehicle Care & Maintenance
  • Vehicle Systems
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Our Custom Corporate Training Program Will Train Your Drivers to Avoid:

Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and US Department of Transportation


There are more than 100,000 truck accident injuries each year.


Approximately 27% of accidents involving trucks were due to a lack of adequate training.


FMCSA increases fines for trucking violations regularly - costing companies thousands each year.


There are typically 60,000 worker's compensation claims made every year in the trucking industry.


With the truck driver shortage remaining at 50K, every working day is valuable for organizations.


Helping your drivers avoid any of these issues will help you control unnecessary driver expenses.

What else we offer.

In addition to the development of a Custom Corporate Training Program, FleetForce can also assist your organization with:



We have the ability to recruit candidates who possess a stable work record with good work ethics, who are self-motivated with clean MVRs.

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We have the ability to screen and qualify superior candidates to your specifications (MVR’s, work history, background checks).



If needed, we can monitor your turnover rate during and after our custom training to ensure your driver retention rate has improved.

Take your driver recruitment, training, and retention to the next level!