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CDL Training Program

Our CDL Training Program is a 160-hour industry-specific program developed in cooperation with local and OTR trucking companies to assist in meeting the needs of entry-level commercial drivers. 

Pre-Hire Program

FleetForce just launched a new driver program in collaboration with Florida Trucking Association. We match aspiring drivers with employers who provide scholarships to obtain a CDL at no cost to the student.

Corporate Trainings

We specialize in the development and implementation of customized training programs for companies and organizations seeking custom instruction for their truck-driving fleets.

CDL Testing 

FleetForce is a licensed third-party test administrator for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. We perform CDL tests at all 10 FleetForce locations. Schedule your CDL exam with FleetForce today. 

Our Service Guarantee.

FleetForce’s current goals include further expansion of its programs along with increasing the emphasis on customized training to meet the needs of employers within the region and keep the driving career pathway growing for talented, highly motivated would-be truckers. This commitment reflects FleetForce’s desire to maintain quality career education and placement while adapting to the changing vocational needs.

Due to this desire, we have built a highly engaged team of instructors and corporate employees who are passionate about the driving and local community. 

Today's high demand for truck drivers.

The current driver demand continues to rise in the United States each year and is expected to generate over 175,000 new jobs in the years ahead. Due to the current shortage, companies are striving to reward new hires with various incentives and improved benefits. What does that mean for you? It means a truck driving career will offer you:

  • Competitive Salary & Rates
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • 401K Retirement Plans
  • Paid Vacation & Sick Time
  • Rider Programs
  • And More

Today's top companies.

What's the difference between a Class A, B, and C CDL license?


CDL Class A License

Any combination of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 or more pounds provided the vehicle(s) being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds. Driving careers that require a Class A CDL include Tractor-Trailer Drivers and Truck Trailer Combinations.


CDL Class B License

Any single vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more, or any such vehicle towing another not in excess of 10,000 GVWR pounds. Driving careers that require a Class B CDL include Ready Mix/Concrete Truck, Dump Truck Driver, and Bus Driver.


CDL Class C License

Any single vehicle with a GVWR less than 26,001 pounds and any such vehicle towing another not in excess of 10,000 GVWR, as well as vehicles transporting placarded amounts of hazardous materials, or vehicles designed to transport more than 15 persons including the driver.

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FleetForce is licensed by the Florida Department of Education and the Independent Education Committee to provide truck training in Florida. We are also certified by the Florida High Safety and Motor Vehicles Department for third-party testing.

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What our students are saying.

  • The best place in Florida to get your CDL training. It has been an overall excellent experience. Thanks to Howard, Shawn, James, Josh, David, Jimmy, Steve and everyone else there at FleetForce for investing your time into future truckers.

    Paul G. FleetForce Student

  • This school by far gave me the BEST experience I could have got being someone without ANY knowledge of the trucking industry. All instructors were very informative and gave everyone 100% of their time to teach us the simple ways so that we could all pass our test. I can now say I am 100% confident in knowing my way around the tractor and trailer and all components and pre-trip.

    Branden W. FleetForce Student

  • I'm beyond happy with my decision to train at FleetForce. This school lived up to my expectations and delivered the tools & resources I needed to pass the skills test.

    Stephen T. FleetForce Student

  • The curriculum was straightforward and well-rounded, but I also felt sufficiently challenged to develop new skills and learn unfamiliar concepts. Operating a tractor-trailer was awkward, frustrating, and embarrassing at times, but the instructors were super patient, and I could tell that they sincerely wanted me to succeed. All things considered, I had a great time and I enjoyed training at FleetForce. I also met some new people along the way. This school helped me gain the fundamental skills I needed to pass the test and get an entry-level truck driving job. I highly recommend this school.

    Stephen T. FleetForce Student