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Our Core Values


We speak joyful words with a grateful heart. We do not tolerate negativity, animosity, or cattiness.


We are nimble, agile, and responsive. We do not tolerate obstinance, rigidity, or incompetence.


We believe in constant improvement through humility and consistency. We do not tolerate regression, complacency, or grandiosity.


We practice collective trust through individual reliability. We do not tolerate entitlement, indolence, or dishonesty.


We use automation, consolidation, and elimination. We do not tolerate bureaucracy, pomposity, or pettiness.


We think their obstacle is our way. We do not tolerate callousness, aloofness, or apathy. 

Who we are.

FleetForce is the fastest-growing CDL training program in America. Our National Headquarters is in Sarasota, FL. Dozens of future locations are under development in cities across the southeastern United States. 

What we do.

We empower drivers, strengthen companies, and build communities—that is our mission. FleetForce delivers industry-leading training. Our graduates are skilled, engaged, and passionate about their new careers.

Why we do it.

Because America needs us. In fact, the U.S. needs 1.1 million more drivers in the next 10 years. Professional drivers are the backbone of this country. They keep our shelves stocked, our tanks full, and our economy moving. 

The FleetForce Truck Driver Training Difference.


At FleetForce, we are a family. Our students are not just our customers, they are part of our legacy. They have trusted us to provide them with high quality training and industry-leading expertise. We take that trust very seriously.


Exemplary is a core value at FleetForce. And our definition of being exemplary is: constant improvement through humility. No matter how good we are, we know we can always be better. To achieve that, we focus on innovation and optimization as we expand throughout America. 


Our programs are designed to meet the needs of those we serve. Whether it is a private business, a city government, or an aspiring driver ready for a new career, we never sacrifice our standards. Our corporate partners consistently rate our drivers higher than those who trained elsewhere. 


Our connection with our students runs so deep, that many of our former students have returned to FleetForce to become instructors. We think this is the highest honor they can pay us. We take our core values very seriously, and are grateful to find others who share them. 

Trusted by today's top brands and companies

Resources for drivers.

We offer various resources to ease the cost of training programs and get our students on the road as quickly as possible. From job placement to veteran discounts, learn more below.

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“I would recommend any student that wants to obtain their CDL License to FleetForce."

Gregory T, FleetForce Student


What our students are saying.

  • The best place in Florida to get your CDL training. It has been an overall excellent experience. Thanks to Howard, Shawn, James, Josh, David, Jimmy, Steve and everyone else there at FleetForce for investing your time into future truckers.

    Paul G. FleetForce Student

  • This school by far gave me the BEST experience I could have got being someone without ANY knowledge of the trucking industry. All instructors were very informative and gave everyone 100% of their time to teach us the simple ways so that we could all pass our test. I can now say I am 100% confident in knowing my way around the tractor and trailer and all components and pre-trip.

    Branden W. FleetForce Student

  • I'm beyond happy with my decision to train at FleetForce. This school lived up to my expectations and delivered the tools & resources I needed to pass the skills test.

    Stephen T. FleetForce Student

  • The curriculum was straightforward and well-rounded, but I also felt sufficiently challenged to develop new skills and learn unfamiliar concepts. Operating a tractor-trailer was awkward, frustrating, and embarrassing at times, but the instructors were super patient, and I could tell that they sincerely wanted me to succeed. All things considered, I had a great time and I enjoyed training at FleetForce. I also met some new people along the way. This school helped me gain the fundamental skills I needed to pass the test and get an entry-level truck driving job. I highly recommend this school.

    Stephen T. FleetForce Student