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Who we are.

Our National Headquarters are in Winter Haven, FL. Future locations are under development in cities across the southeastern United States. 

What we do.

Since 1981, FleetForce has delivered a new breed of drivers who hold themselves to a higher standard. They are engaged and passionate about their careers.

Why we do it.

From trucking instruction to road tips and tricks, FleetForce is setting the standard for the future of CDL Driver Training. 

Meet our team.

Our courteous and professional staff are always here to provide one-on-one service to our students and corporate partners.

Tra Williams
Owner & President

Tra Williams is the Owner and President of FleetForce. Tra acquired FleetForce, formally known as NBI Truck Driving School, in 2020. Building on the foundation laid by NBI since 1981, FleetForce’s current goals include further expansion of its programs along with increasing emphasis on customized training to meet the needs of employers within the region.


Steve Reeves
Director, Testing Services

Steve Reeves is the Director of Testing Services, an Instructor, and 3rd Party CDL Examiner. Since 2010, Steve has been in charge of ensuring that all of our licensing examinations are conducted in accordance with FLHSMV rules and DOT regulations. Prior to becoming a Certified CDL Examiner, Steve was an Owner and Operator of a heavy equipment hauling company for 34 years.


Pam Roberts
Director, Student Services

Pam Roberts is our Associate Director of Student Services, and oversees each student's progress from the second they walk in the door to the moment they receive their graduation certificates. Pam is also the point of contact for all tests scheduling, and working with our corporate partners on all student testing matters and inquiries.

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Sheri Neff
Compliance Officer and Regional Director for Suncoast

Sheri Neff is a former Florida Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Compliance Officer who works closely with our staff of Trainers and Testers to ensure that FleetForce maintains up to date information on all DOT and Federal guidelines and rules.  Her previous experience as a CDL Examiner, Driver Licenser Examiner and CDL Compliance provides FleetForce with invaluable knowledge and insight that allows us to maintain the highest standards of education in our field. Sheri also leads our team at our Suncoast location. 

FleetForce is different from other truck-driving schools.


At FleetForce, we pride ourselves on our unique structure to meet the needs of each of our students and corporate partners.


Our staff meets an unmatched level of professionalism and ethics to ensure each student has the experience they deserve.


Our programs are designed to improve the overall quality of today’s driving fleet and increase productivity and profits.


We offer exclusive career opportunities you won't find at other CDL Schools. National Recruiters are also onsite weekly.

Trusted by today's top brands and companies

Resources for drivers.

We offer various resources to ease the cost of training programs and get our students on the road as quickly as possible. From job placement to veteran discounts, learn more below.

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“I would recommend any student that wants to obtain their CDL License to FleetForce."

Gregory T, FleetForce Student