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Our pricing structure.

FleetForce offers monthly and weekly payment options and our Finance Partners allow you to pay your tuition at your pace. Don't let tuition costs stop you from starting your new career.

If you can pay the full amount:

Payment is a one-time $6,995 total and includes the full 160-Hour Training Program and state testing fee.



Includes the state testing fee

If a payment plan is needed:

Payments are $1,399 per week for the 4-week program.

Down Payment


Minimum needed

Apply for a payment plan today. 

FleetForce is proud to partner with Marketplace Financing to help our students get the financing they need to complete the FleetForce 160-Hour Training Program. Marketplace Financing compares the best terms from the nation's premier lenders and funding partners to help you find the payment plan that's right for you.* Visit the FleetForce Marketplace Financing page below to learn more.

*When selecting a loan purpose, we highly suggest listing "major purchases" or "other" as it shows all the lenders on the platform! 


Tuition reimbursement. 

Many of the trucking companies that hire FleetForce graduates pay up to 100% tuition reimbursement (especially for new Class A drivers). Reimbursement amounts will vary from company to company. For more information on tuition reimbursement opportunities, contact one of our FleetForce representatives today.

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