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  • Apprentices must be at least 18 years old 
  • Program is 2,000 hours total
  • 200 hours with FleetForce, remaining 1,600 with the employer via on-the-job training
  • No previous experience required
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Apprenticeship Qualifications

Possess a Valid Driver's License

Applicants must possess a current, valid driver's license in order to be considered.

Acceptable Motor Vehicle Record

Applicants must have an acceptable motor vehicle report (driving record.) 

Pass a Physical and Drug Screening

Must be able to pass the Department of Transportation physical and drug screening.

On-the-job learning your driver will receive via our apprenticeship program.

  • How to inspect motor vehicles
  • Follow safety procedures for vehicle operation
  • Inspect cargo to ensure its properly loaded
  • Record operational or production data and service or repair activities
  • Notify of emergencies, problems, or hazards
  • Review documents or materials for compliance
  • And more!

Benefits to Employers

Sourced Candidates Who Are Qualified

Don't worry about recruiting truck drivers - we'll do that for you.

Saved Time and Effort

FleetForce is responsible for reporting all apprentice hours to the state - not you.

Better Trained and Retained Workers

Apprentice programs result in 91% of apprentices finding employment after completion.

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  • This school met all my expectations and then some. I wish the school all the best in the near future.

    Ramon M. FleetForce Student

  • All the instructors were professional, respectful, and polite. Thank you for all the hard work. Also, the administration staff are very nice and made the process very easy.

    Issam C FleetForce Student

  • All the instructors were fabulous and courteous. They never gave up pushing me which is wonderful. I learned so much in four weeks.

    Mike A FleetForce Student

  • Such a great group of instructors. I could not be more pleased.

    Nick C FleetForce Student

  • Thank you so much for helping me obtain the knowledge on how to properly operate a truck. Thank you, thank you!

    Terren C FleetForce Student

  • I thank FleetForce for all their help and support throughout the course of training.

    Brian G FleetForce Student

  • I am going to recommend any student that wants a CDL to FleetForce.

    Gregory T FleetForce Student

  • All the instructors were very respectful and helpful. They made everything calm and relaxing.

    Kyle B FleetForce Student

  • I had a great experience at FleetForce. I gained a lot of knowledge from the instructors.

    Carlos B FleetForce Student

  • They were very professional, caring, encouraging, and motivating. I loved and enjoyed all of the instructors.

    David H FleetForce Student

  • Such a great group of instructors. I could not be more pleased.

    Nick C FleetForce Student